the earth is round

and if you travel its entire circumference, you will end up where you started.

Below is a story about globalization.


I received my Yoshitomo Nara Drawing File book today. It was shipped from a seller in China. I placed the order 11 days ago.

13 days ago I was in a small home-goods store in Hangzhou, China. Framed pages from the book hung on the store’s walls. Each cost 90RMB. Individual prints were 20RMB. What I really wanted was the whole book.

The store had only one copy, which was incomplete (one-fourth of the pages had been torn out), and also not for sale. The sales girl was doubtful that bookstores would carry it. Its Chinese publishers stopped printing the book a few years ago.

“In Amazon I trust,” I said to myself.

I copied down the ISBN.

The next day I returned to New York. The day after that I ordered the book from “Asian Books in China” through Amazon.

That was 11 days ago.

I received my Yoshitomo Nara Drawing File book today.

Printed on the shipping label was the sender’s address: YU HANG DISTRICT HANGZHOU, HANGZHOU 310015 CHINA.


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