“$2,000.00?” — The only email from Brooks Brothers that has ever made me want to buy something from them

Brooks Brothers emails me twice a day. I’ve updated my subscription settings, checking off only the box for women’s, yet I still get emails from them, twice a day, even Sundays.

The sales they advertise through email are never that stellar. 10-15% off. And the ones that are good hardly ever have the things I want in stock. However, such is the nature of all sales in general.

I’ve thought about unsubscribing, but I hate paying full price for anything and I would never forgive myself if I bought something from them a day before or after a sale.

In general, I think Brooks Brothers has one of the least-captivating marketing strategies. Their email campaigns are dull (unimaginative writing) and their online website is boring. Their models are also really bland, even by Connecticut standards. But I guess that goes with the brand. After all, I’m not their target demographic — East Village dwelling, self-loathing, semi-Finance (which is why I need their sh– sometimes), 20something young professional.

But, their “$2,000.00” email a few weeks ago has made me change my mind, somewhat.


The credit should probably go to the sales team who thought to sell a set of 44 cotton piqué polo shirts.

I was never so anxious to open one of their emails. And what did I find?



Scrolling down through the entire email made me want it more, more and more. The colors, the stacking, the play on words…I wanted to buy it. I wanted to buy it and wear all 44 of them. At the same time.

I hope they offer it again because next time, I WILL buy it.


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