It came quietly in the night…Baileys Coffee Creamers (NON-ALCOHOLIC)

It’s 1:25am on a Saturday night. I’m sitting on my mom’s couch, watching Psych on ION. Life can’t get any better, but it does when this ad appears:

Did you know this existed? Because I did. Not.

According to, BlogHer broke the 2011 launch of this product, which confirms for me two things: 1) Women. Love. Coffee creamers.; and 2) Sites like BlogHer are the reason marketing budgets stay intact. (Good news for me!)

I don’t drink coffee regularly but when I do, I drink it black. Occasionally I will use soy or skim milk, if available, but I would never be caught dead using coffee creamers.

Using coffee creamers makes me feel old and lame. At work, bottles of Coffee-mate and Delight coffee creamers take up a whole shelf in our refrigerator and I’ve never seen a guy or woman under 35 use them.

After tonight, however, I may need to change my tune. After all, two previously separate concepts have now harmoniously merged — Baileys and sobriety.

P.S. It helps 1000% that the bottle looks like a mini bottle of Baileys original. Mentally, too, we can trick ourselves into thinking that we’re adding the real thing.


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