Growing up in this “horrible, beautiful time”

I’ve been too tired to go to the gym or yoga lately. Tuesday’s especially seem to stand for Tired-day’s.

Instead, as I did tonight, I opt to eat dinner early (at the office) and walk home and do light calisthenics at home as exercise. While I work out, in lieu of music or TV, I’ve started playing Ted Talks.

This routine suits my obsessive compulsive need to multitask and be productive 18/6. I end up watching, listening to really, three or four Ted Talks while working out for an hour. I’ve decided that this is a routine I can live with and stick with and I’ve been following this routine once or twice a night during the week for the past few weeks.

Tonight, I add one more step to this routine — posting the most memorable/inspirational/poignant quotes from the Ted Talks that I watch, and my favorite Ted Talk video of the night. Brain wins, soul wins, body wins, my writing wins.

So without further ado, here is the first Ted Talk Tuesday post. (I heart alliteration.)

Ted Talks for Tuesday, August 28:

1. Elizabeth Gilbert – Your elusive creative genius

2. Amy Tan – Where does creativity hide? 

This talk was a bit all over the place, but I did like her insight into moral ambiguity:

3. Courtney Martin – Reinventing feminism – my favorite Ted Talk for this Tuesday

Courtney is a 30-year-old writer and editor of the number one feminist publication in the world, She spoke about “…what it means to grow up in this horrible, beautiful time,” and has decided that for her, “it’s been a real journey and paradox.” Mostly, her talk was about activism and feminism but I thought she nicely and succinctly describes what it’s like to “grow up” in general.


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