Just because it’s fashion week, doesn’t mean you can pretend you’re a model

New York Fashion Week is almost over, thank God. I’ve been staying with D in Jersey City this week to avoid the craziness.

Is it me or does everyone turn into a model slash fashionista whenever fashion week rolls around? It starts with Fashion’s Night Out, when 13-year-old girls parade down Broadway in their best Forever 21 outfits and get lit on free booze. Then, on a daily basis, everyone amps up their wardrobe — wearing extra high platforms and sheer shirts, straightening/gelling their hair for five minutes longer than usual — on the off chance they stumble into a fashion week party.

Fashion is like an infectious disease — the kind that those zombies had in I am Legend, turning whatever humans they bite into zombies too.

Sick, and so bizarre.

fashionnnnnnnnnnnn zombie

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