Beer on a bicycle that’s made for…16

What two things do yuppies salivate over the most? Bikes and beer.

Put them together and you get PedalPub, a bicycle made to seat three to sixteen drunk friends or friends hankering to get drunk. Where legal, riders can imbibe — helmet free — on the bar in the middle of the bike. Where it’s not, the PedalPub becomes a party wagon, shepherding riders from bar to bar at an alarming maximum speed of five miles per hour.

In last weekend’s Wall Street Journal article on PedalPub, one renter, Laura Sosnowski, summed up the experience as “totally weird.” “You can hang out like at a bar with your friends, but you’re pedaling,” she said. What a totally like awesome description.

In Chicago, after hitting five bars in three hours, Ms. Sosnowski and her friends were exhausted but happy as they chugged back toward the PedalPub garage. “I don’t have to feel guilty, I worked off all the calories in advance,” said Carole Dobbins, a 36-year-old bartender from Aurora, Ill. 

I don’t have to feel guilty, I love the use of the word “chugged” there.

We young semi-professionals need more fun yet productive activities that involve as much novelty and alcohol as possible. So how about Barry’s Beer Boot Camp? Instead of resting for those 30 seconds between 100 reps of leg presses and crunches, we’ll chug beer instead. Talk about the best no guilt, calorie reducing drinking, bonding, novel activity ever!

Somebody start Barry’s Beer Boot Camp, please. It’ll be totally like cool.

HOV lane only


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