10 Unsexy Halloween Costume Ideas

I’m on a Halloween blogging bender this week. Apologies.

Totally sick of the one size – “nips to hips” – fits all women’s Halloween costumes? Need a totally unsexy Halloween costume idea? Try these:

5 most unsexy Halloween costumes I had in mind this year…

  1. The “Women’s room” icon – wear a white dress and white stockings and cut out a huge cardboard circle, paint it white and attach it to head.
  2. Engaged. Ring pop. Don a tiara with veil. “Bachelorette” rhinestone tank top
  3. Kernel of rice. All white outfit with a pointy hat folded from white paper.
  4. Silken Tofu. A huge square box with the word tofu on it.
  5. A hurricane. Really messy hair. White and blue tie-dyed shirt. White gloves (you have to wave them around).

5 Couple’s costume ideas I had even though I would never do a couple’s costume…

  1. Sushi roll and wasabi
  2. A pair of chopsticks because I saw a pair of boobs. (Guy and girl had big balloon under their left strap, right strap shirts.)
  3. Beekeeper and bee because I saw a butterfly catcher and a butterfly.
  4. Broom and dust pan
  5. iPad and iPad mini
Cheap, Fast and Unsexy Halloween Costume Ideas

Cheap, Fast and Unsexy

Update 10/30 11:44pm
More unsexy ideas:
1. Jerry Sandusky, or “middle-aged man”
2. Honey Boo Boo
3. Governor Christie -fearless leader! (blue fleece pullover with “Chris Christie GOVERNOR”over left breast)


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