2012 Halloween costume review

I love Halloween. It’s the best holiday of the year. When you’re a kid, you dress up and get loads of free candy. When you’re a yuppie, you dress up and get loaded. The best part is, Halloween is the only time of year when you’re allowed to be your true self — a slut, a joker, a king, a superhero.

Halloween 2012 costume review

In terms of costumes, this weekend was boring, boring, boring. I live in the East Village and expect some damn creativity. Not our fault though. Aside from Jerry Sandusky (one guy at party number one on Saturday had on a Penn State shirt…he was middle aged too), 2012 hasn’t given us much inspiration for costumes this year. In recent memory, there’s been some great ones: the bird flu, Chilean miners and Michael Phelps. Last year, I was Amy Winehouse (along with 90,000 other girls), DG was Charlie Sheen and we met a Lieutenant Dan. (I wanted DG to dress up as Steve Jobs but we both felt it was too soon at the time…RIP. My being Amy was more a tribute to her legacy than anything else. I love her music and voice fervently.)

This year, I expected to see a lot of Bains, Batmans and Anne Hathaway Catwomans, but only saw a few Batmans and one Bain and one Anne Hathaway Catwoman. Maybe everyone thought everyone else was going to dress up as those characters and went in other directions.

My favorite costumes from this weekend’s three parties in three cities (Jersey City, Hoboken, NYC) were:

  • Hangover 2 Stu Price – guy had the checkered shirt, glasses, haircut and spot on Tyson tattoo
  • Tea party Uncle Sam and George Washington (lest we forget this is an election year) – two 6′ plus FIJI alumni who brought individual tea bags to have a “tea party” with during their Hudson River booze cruise, and
  • Ursula from The Little Mermaid – girl had short, spiky blonde hair, wore a black prom gown on which she sewed huge purple tentacles.

Sluttiest costumes I saw

  • Charlie Brown. The girl wore a tight yellow t-shirt (taped black zigzags and a small stuffed Snoopy to it), black boy shorts with her cheeks hanging out, black garters and stockings, and requisite black stilettos
  • Black leotards and stilettos. That’s it. I don’t know what these girls were supposed to be but all they had on were black leotards and stilettos. No stockings. No jackets. No ears, no tails, no wings, no pitchforks, no horns.
  • Little Mermaid. The girl wore a string bikini top and a green sarong. Flip flops. No jacket.

Most common costumes

  • Boxed wine. Girls in Hoboken pinned large printouts of boxed wine labels to tight dresses.
  • Bunch of bananas. Mixed groups wearing banana suits or yellow outfits.
  • Sailors. Slutty girl sailors. Popeye.
  • Batman.
  • Rosie the Riveter.* Red bandana, denim shirt. “We Can Do It!” sign. One girl on Friday night baked an Apple pie. It was delicious.
  • “Fitness”.* Girls in 80’s spandex aerobic outfits and a marathon runner. Bro/douche with pink, pop-collared Polo and a five pound jar of whey protein.
  • Waldo. Inmates. Striped shirt costumes.*
  • Usual pirates and flappers.

*Easiest and cheapest costumes…we all have these things at home.


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