Ads I don’t love: Tag Away Skin Tag Remover

Watching Hot Tub Time Machine on Comedy Central Sunday night was interesting mostly because of the ridiculous commercials that came on during the breaks. Among the ads I didn’t love were a nonsensical Dunkin Donuts focus group commercial featuring two guys dressed like Howard Hughes that played four times, an incredibly monstrous ad for this ball of a time dolphin bubble* counting tool — I mean toy, and THIS ONE (below) — for skin tag removal, which was absolutely scrumptious.

The ad starts off innocuously enough, making me think it was a normal wart removal product, but the number of times they focused in on the hydra-looking protrusions made me think that skin tags were an STD. By the end of the commercial, I felt like I’d just watched a mandatory high school sex-ed video, complete with sound effects — UGGHHH’s and EWWW’s. “Your body is GROSS!” (DG says the skin tags looked like they were about to bud, hop off and turn into a completely separate organism we’d have to kill with holy water.)

If you can make it through the first 20 seconds of this commercial, you get an A+. If you can make it through the entire 1:50, you’re an American hero and/or possibly still in high school taking sex ed. And if you actually need this product, sorry…but let me know if it actually works…in 3-8 weeks. I am pretty curious.

(If Tag Away does work, its owners need to go Guthy Renker and get Alyssa Milano to promote it as she did for this other creepy but promising product, Wen**. Alyssa Milano makes everything better.

*Dolphins do blow bubbles in real life. Just not ones made of soapy water. Unless they’re in polluted water. :(

**I probably will buy Wen, despite Chaz Dean’s creepy eyes. Are they creepier than the skin tags? Is it just his hair…colors?

Chaz Dean



  1. Hahaha! Totally agreed! Those infomercials at night definitely have their pros and cons. I hate the nasty ones too!

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  3. i’ve found that photoshop is really good at removing skin tags. it contains many tag-removing properties.

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