“Scared is scared of things you like,” and other advice about life, endings and change from a six-year-old

Asa: The point of the story is…you don’t really want to go when something’s closing cos then…you have to wait to go back there.

Bianca: Yeah… I’m about to graduate in three weeks and it sort of feels like my school is closing for me. You know?

Asa: Yeah…If something feels like it’s closing…you should just say, “OK, I’m fine.” I usually just let it go. I just think of something I really like to do. And it’s just — you just — think of something else until the nervous has gone out of you and let that thing disappear out of my head and out of my ears…out of my mouth…

When the scared feeling comes into you, the scared is SCARED of… things you like. 

So I was scared of a monster and I thought of pizza. And juice. And some meringues.

And a cookie. Chocolate chip cookie.

I mean oatmeal cookie. And then I ate it all up. And some milk. And the cookie was shaped like a piano.

A keyboard I mean.

A young movie maker asks a six-year-old boy what she should make her film about. This is what that story turns in to:


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