Similar to other startups in the space like Treehouse,, Code School and Khan Academy, Thinkful wants to help “anyone and everyone” to learn front-end web development. Students who are enrolled in Thinkful’s online 12-week course are offered “personalized, project-based learning for true beginners and those with years of experience,” according to the site. At $750, it doesn’t seem like a bad deal for those of us who find it daunting to go back to school, and/or are too unmotivated to pick up a book and teach ourselves.


Ask any startup founder, and they’ll tell you that engineering talent is in high demand, but the problem is that good talent is hard to come by. What’s more, we have a computer science education deficit in the U.S. Today, computer science is absent in 95 percent of high schools. Luckily, a gaggle of startups and websites, like Treehouse,, Code School, Khan Academy, LearnStreet and more will now teach you the basics of some of the world’s most pervasive programming languages.

While these startups are collectively doing wonders for the democratization of computer science education, the founders behind Thinkful believe that the current options lack the kind of support that students need to learn effectively. Launched last year by Darrell Silver and Dan Friedman (who was one of the first to receive a 20 Under 20 Thiel Fellowship), Thinkful aims to help anyone and everyone learn skills that let…

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