15 things my friend has learned in his 30 years

My friend posted the below status message on Facebook today.


I’m 30 today, and in all my life, I’ve learned a handful of things. Some are things from my experience, some things I’ve observed, some are lessons to live by. I really wanted to wind up with 30 things, but it only turned out to be 15. (maybe I only learned half the things I should by now).

Either way, these are just my thoughts and although none of you asked for this, maybe your life will be a little better and hopefully not a lot worse after reading it. So here they are:

1) Do small things with great love
2) Do what you believe, not what you feel
3) Say what you mean and mean what you say
4) Time will change everything
5) You cannot change the way someone else feels
6) Live in the moment
7) Let go of what is holding you from moving forward
 Don’t be gross
9) Make your choices and don’t look back
10) The answer to most problems is a change in perspective
11) Do not leave things unfinished
12) Do not waiver in your convictions
13) Don’t give yourself too much time to think
14) Live in the moment
15) If you can do something good for someone else, just do it

I have an embarrassing story to accompany each of these items, so if you want to hear it, just let me know.


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