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Tips on how to have a better day by starting off with a better morning

This video is from BuzzFeed. If you don’t have time to watch, or read (the video is mostly text) the hacks, they’re below: 1. Have sex! It releases oxytocin. 2. Drink water to kickstart your metabolism. 3. Eat breakfast within an hour of waking up. 4. Don’t drink coffee first thing in the morning. Caffeine […]

Ads I love: Planters Holiday Party

Tiny tip: Overachieving

It’s not sustainable.

15 things my friend has learned in his 30 years

My friend posted the below status message on Facebook today.   I’m 30 today, and in all my life, I’ve learned a handful of things. Some are things from my experience, some things I’ve observed, some are lessons to live by. I really wanted to wind up with 30 things, but it only turned out […]

Letting go is so hard to do

To my friend who thinks she can’t let go

To my friend who thinks she can’t let go, You can. I know it’s hard. I know it’s difficult. I know you think you might not find someone like him ever again — and you’re right. You won’t. The next guy won’t be the same because he’s a completely different person! That’s the whole point. […]

Canadian Prime Minister made time to write a book on hockey

One mantra professionals always preach is “Practice your craft.” Bloggers should blog every day. Photographers should shoot every day. But our excuse is usually, “I’m too busy.” Being busy with school, jobs and family is one thing, but being head-of-state busy is another. Stephen Harper, Canada’s prime minister, found 15 minutes every day to write […]

Workout tips and tricks — Shop online before working out

I was just about to hit the yoga mat a few minutes ago when I got an email from Brooks Brothers. “Sleek Suiting.” Sleek suits only work with sleek bodies. I haven’t worked out in two weeks, but need a new suit, so what to do? Buy and work out like hell, obvi. There’s no such thing […]

Online dating: Societal values always lose out

Online dating: Societal values always lose out Great article from The Atlantic about online dating, and how its success may be a detriment to society. “what if online dating makes it too easy to meet someone new? What if it raises the bar for a good relationship too high? What if the prospect of finding an ever-more-compatible mate with the click […]

Similar to other startups in the space like Treehouse,, Code School and Khan Academy, Thinkful wants to help “anyone and everyone” to learn front-end web development. Students who are enrolled in Thinkful’s online 12-week course are offered “personalized, project-based learning for true beginners and those with years of experience,” according to the site. At […]

Facebook makes teenage girls depressed

Facebook makes teenage girls depressed Proof.