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Homemade citrus potpourri

I love the smell of fresh fruit and I found a new way to expand the benefits of eating an orange every day. After I peel off the skin, I chop it up into half-inch squares and put them in a decorative mason jar (or in this case an old jar for jam) as a […]

People of the storm, Finding the Spirit of Sandy – photo gallery

Finding the spirit of Sandy … For some in Manhattan, Sandy was NBD — an inconvenience for a few days at worst. Instead of dampening spirits, the storm amplified them. I caught one such spirit strutting across the street in all her colorful, creative and cavalier nature.

Summer’s last sunset over Sandy Hook

Technically autumn arrived at 9:49 am today but let’s pretend it was still summer when I took this photo at 6:30. It was 81 degrees, probably the last time we’ll break 80 for the rest of the year. I couldn’t let a beautiful beach day slip away.