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“Scared is scared of things you like,” and other advice about life, endings and change from a six-year-old

Asa: The point of the story is…you don’t really want to go when something’s closing cos then…you have to wait to go back there. Bianca: Yeah… I’m about to graduate in three weeks and it sort of feels like my school is closing for me. You know? Asa: Yeah…If something feels like it’s closing…you should just say, […]

9 daily habits that will make you happier from Geoffrey James

Christmas is over and you know what that means: Time to think about New Years resolutions! Here are nine ideas you can try to do everyday from Geoffrey James via Inc. I think 2, 7, 9 are probably the ones I need to work on the most. How about you? 1. Start each day with […]

Relationships end if we don’t ask for the thanks we need

Not being honest about the praise we need to hear leads others to take us for granted. Every time we stifle our need for a “thank you,” it settles in the pit of our stomachs, turning into resentment. Over time, that built up resentment comes out in our actions, leading to passive aggressive behavior and […]

“The best innovations come out of real problems and real pain.” — Jack Dorsey

“The best innovations come out of real problems and real pain.” — Jack Dorsey Jack Dorsey is the founder of Square, an app that allows anyone with a smartphone or tablet to accept credit card purchases by plugging in the app’s accompanying device into a headphone jack. Square has revolutionized the way small entrepreneurs conduct […]

If happiness is on the opposite side of success, your brain never gets there

There are days (or weeks and months) when I feel like I’m stuck. Nothing I do is fulfilling, I feel as if I’m not progressing or achieving success and I don’t know what to do to change my situation. Even my face is stuck — in a perpetual frown! I anchor my happiness to very […]

James Cameron’s lessons on curiosity, imagination, risk and leadership

James Cameron: Before Avatar…a curious boy Didn’t have time to watch more than one Ted Talk today because I had to watch the Clint Eastwood RNC speech. Yes, I hadn’t watched it til today. James Cameron’s talk wasn’t entirely inspiring but there were a few good quotes that I liked. His selfish reason for making […]

Growing up in this “horrible, beautiful time”

I’ve been too tired to go to the gym or yoga lately. Tuesday’s especially seem to stand for Tired-day’s. Instead, as I did tonight, I opt to eat dinner early (at the office) and walk home and do light calisthenics at home as exercise. While I work out, in lieu of music or TV, I’ve started playing […]