Over the past few months at work, I’ve been helping a senior financial adviser market his business. This is one of his favorite quotes: People don’t need extraordinary insight or intelligence. What they need most is character to adopt simple rules and stick to them. — Benjamin Graham Graham was an economist and professional investor […]

How much in fees does your bank take to watch your money? If your bank takes more money than a stranger, you need an ally.  Whatever their actual policy is, I almost don’t care. This commercial piqued my interest. This commercial is pure genius. All banks, hang your heads in shame, fire your marketing people, […]

Online dating: Societal values always lose out Great article from The Atlantic about online dating, and how its success may be a detriment to society. “what if online dating makes it too easy to meet someone new? What if it raises the bar for a good relationship too high? What if the prospect of finding an ever-more-compatible mate with the click […]

Similar to other startups in the space like Treehouse, Lynda.com, Code School and Khan Academy, Thinkful wants to help “anyone and everyone” to learn front-end web development. Students who are enrolled in Thinkful’s online 12-week course are offered “personalized, project-based learning for true beginners and those with years of experience,” according to the site. At […]

Asa: The point of the story is…you don’t really want to go when something’s closing cos then…you have to wait to go back there. Bianca: Yeah… I’m about to graduate in three weeks and it sort of feels like my school is closing for me. You know? Asa: Yeah…If something feels like it’s closing…you should just say, […]

Facebook makes teenage girls depressed Proof.

How nice. The Wall Street Journal has published a story on how I nap, apparently the correct way to sleep.

Breezy and beautiful idea

This list, put together by Jim Kukral for the National Federation of Independent Business, is spot on, but I’ve rearranged the order from most to least common reasons and put my own spin on them. Laziness – “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Don’t want it – “There’s no such thing as ‘can’t,’ only ‘don’t […]